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Bukindaba Consulting Division consults on Turn-Around & Growth Strategies, as well as Mergers and Acquisitions.
Bukindaba Oil, Gas and, Energy - We have an interest in marketing and branding of fuel products and are vested in distribution networks of oil and gas products. 
Bukindaba Publishers own a 100% stake in its publishing and research group. The group currently runs the research department of the Unleashing Leadership Potential (ULP) Institute.
We own Diary Soul Records, a private company that produces the Diary Of An Author music series. 
Like Flames Advertising Agency services company & product brand activation: From design, media, highlighting, digital streaming and positioning.
Bukindaba Information Technology Portfolio, we look for silicon and tech start-ups venture platforms.
The vision of Bukindaba Travel and Hospitality portfolio is to participate in the value chain through equities in: Restaurants, Beverages, Hotels, Conference and Transportation industries (road, aviation, ports and tech).
Bukindaba Infrastructure and Project Management services comprises of built environment professionals accredited with relevant councils.