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Bukindaba Capital manages investment funds held in equities, options and shares in listed and non-listed companies. We hold investments in different financial and assets classes through different fund instruments .
Bukindaba Oil, Gas and, Energy - We have an interest in marketing and branding of fuel products and are vested in distribution networks of oil and gas products. 
Bukindaba Publishers own a 100% stake in its publishing and research group. The group currently runs the research department of the Unleashing Leadership Potential (ULP) Institute.
We own (70%) of the Diary Soul Records (30% owned by Mphande Investments) and we own 90% of uMgungundlovu Film Festival, and (10% ) shares were offloaded to a women run PR firm which implements the Festival Concept.
Company & Product Brand Activation: From media, design, Highlighting, Digital streaming and Positioning. Bukindaba Living-Brand division makes famous brands Big and Big brands famous so that clients can harvest the financial value of their brands.
Bukindaba Information Technology Portfolio, we own a majority stake (70%) in a networking and hardware company which has interests in private and public sector maintenance.
The vision of Bukindaba Travel and Hospitality portfolio is to participate in the value chain through equities in: Restaurants, Beverages, Hotels, Conference and Transportation industries (road, aviation, ports and tech).
Bukindaba Infrastructure and Project Management services comprises of built environment professionals accredited with relevant councils. We specialize in Project Design, Finance Sourcing, Infrastructure PMC, Post-Construction optimizations and Projects M&E.